Ticket Utils Welcomes Rukkus as newest partner

Ticket Utils is excited to announce Rukkus as our newest distribution partner. This integration with the popular new marketplace means Ticket Utils’ users can sell tickets on Rukkus.com through our cloud based Point of Sale.

Rukkus is the latest in a long line of fully automated marketplace integrations that make the Ticket Utils Point of Sale the perfect tool for reducing the company workload, expanding distribution, and increasing sales.

– Ticket Utils

About Rukkus.com



Millions of ticket buyers use Rukkus to purchase their concerts, sports, and theater tickets to events across the United States.


Rukkus is a highly innovative and rapidly expanding ticket marketplace that boasts:

  • Rankings ahead of StubHub in the App Store for Concert, NFL, MLB, NCAA, and Theater tickets
  • Proprietary seating chart technology and best in class user experience on web and mobile
  • Dedicated broker support team available 7 days a week
  • Daily payments via ACH, Paypal, Check, or EvoPay..
  • Experienced digital marketing team focused on highlighting and promoting your inventory

We are a pro-broker platform that always strives to go the extra mile for its partners. Rukkus will happily wash your car, walk your dog, or read you a bedtime story if it will help get more business done!

Sign up at www.rukkus.com/brokers

Any questions email

Rukkus email



– Rukkus

Ticket Utils Welcomes Gametime as Distribution Partner


We are excited to announce that Gametime has joined Ticket Utils as our newest partner.

Gametime is an exciting new marketplace that is now accepting inventory from the Ticket Utils Point of Sale.

Gametime is the latest in a long line of fully automated marketplace integrations that make Ticket Utils the perfect tool for expanding distribution, reducing the company workload and increasing sales.


-Ticket Utils


About Gametime


Gametime is the fastest growing mobile-only marketplace for tickets. Here are some reasons to sign up with Gametime today:


  • Full automation provided by TicketUtils (list, invoice, confirm, fulfill)
  • Gametime currently sells sports tickets in 45+ major metros throughout the US and Canada, including NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB, MLS with recently-launched concerts and theater events coming soon
  • They allow you to sell tickets up to 90 minutes past the start of games, no more pushing inventory to the street last-minute
    You never have to worry about shipping physical tickets or LMS. They only sell tickets available for e-delivery
  • You’ll reach a new demographic of ‘millennials’ who prefer purchasing tickets on a mobile device; 85% of Gametime customers are <35 years old. Millennials purchase closer and closer to game time and last minute demand is steadily increasing
  • Gametime pays you twice per month via direct bank account transfer (ACH)

Get started today by emailing  your company name and phone number to the address below to set up an account.

Ticket Utils Gametime



Ticket Utils Point of Sale Named StubHub Certified Application

We are proud to announce Ticket Utils is the industry’s first Point of Sale to be named a Certified StubHub Application.

Ticket Utils StubHub integration increases sales by getting your tickets listed as instant download through pre-delivered PDFs & Barcodes. Real-time broadcast means tickets are listed and price changes are updated instantly, and without the need for bulk upload/large seller status. Listing level price control allows custom markups or markdowns for individual events, and the built in Price Comparison Report helps users decide how to price.

In their announcement StubHub stated that Ticket Utils Point of Sale has earned the StubHub Certified Application status and have promised to stand by our Technology.Stubhub Certified Application

“Thanks to our API certification program, you can be confident that all integrated seller tools and approved vendors are consistent and reliable. We stand behind them as if they’re our own. If a technology issue causes you to drop an order, we’ll waive the drop, regardless of fault, and work with the vendor to resolve any issues. “

StubHub LargeSeller Email Dated, 10/21/15

Ticket Utils StubHub integration is one of many features that make the Ticket Utils POS the perfect tool for expanding distribution, reducing the company workload and increasing sales. Using Ticket Utils, brokers can finally manage inventory in one location and have integrations with StubHub, TicketMaster Plus/TNow/EiBO, TicketNetwork, VividSeats, eBay tickets and many more.

The whole system is rounded out with Full Order Automation. Auto-Hold, Auto-Invoice Invoice, Auto- Confirm, and Fulfillment are all built directly into the system for added reliability and without the need to unnecessarily expose your data to any third party providers.

Ticket Utils Point of Sale is now powering over 400 brokers, many of which have quickly and easily transitioned from competing vendors like TicketNetwork, Ticket Technology and EiBO.

To learn more about the Ticket Utils Point of Sale, or to get started with a free trial, visit our homepage or call 201-556-9090

Ticket Utils integrates with TickPick

Ticket Utils TickPick integration is live


Ticket Utils’ TickPick integration makes it easier than ever to broadcast and sell tickets on TickPick.com!

TickPick integration features

Having doubled their sales volume in the past year, TickPick is one of the fastest growing ticket marketplaces in the country. The more marketplaces you are listed on, the faster your tickets will sell and the more value you can extract from them while the events are still weeks and months away. If you are not broadcasting your inventory to TickPick.com, you are not giving your tickets the best chance of selling.

TickPick deals with the customer directly so you don’t have to worry about chargebacks, questions, or customer service. There is no fee to list on TickPick.com, and you receive your full listing price on a sale (they encourage you to apply an appropriate discount in order to make your listings competitive, depending on your commission with other marketplaces).

Ticket Utils has integrated with TickPick to decrease your workload with features like auto-hold, auto-confirm, auto-deliver, and the ability print airbills straight from your point of sale. Less work for you means you can focus on the important aspects of your business, while Ticket Utils and TickPick focus on making selling tickets easy.

To get started listing on TickPick, contact Joe Cassitto at 845-489-5829 or visit the TickPick large sellers page

Broker Genius intergrates with Ticket Utils

Broker Genius has integrated with Ticket Utils Point of Sale to automate the tedious and time-consuming task of keeping your prices competitive.

This integration is live right now and here is how it can lighten your workload:

Broker Genius allows you to set custom rules based on the specific splits, sections, and rows you want to price against. It continues to monitor your pricing and lets you know when you’ve beenundercut or when the market moved up.

With features like AutoHold and Auto confirmation Ticket Utils Point of Sale was designed to eliminate many common tasks that come with being a broker. We are excited to work with BrokerGenius to offer our users yet another way to increase productivity and gain an edge in the market.

To learn more about Broker Genius Visit them online at


Or reach out to them directly at 516.441.7020.

Ticket Utils Point of Sale adds Mac support and Marketplace Pricing

Earlier today, we performed a platform upgrade to the Ticket Utils Point of Sale that introduced support for Marketplace Level Pricing and Mac compatibility to the ticket broker software system.

Marketplace Level Pricing
Sellers can now select a listing or group of listings within the TU-POS in order to apply a marketplace specific mark-up or mark-down just to that inventory. This allows sellers who are heavily invested in an event to make targeted markup/markdowns on individual marketplaces, so their price changes won’t affect the overall market value of that events inventory.

For example, you can mark down just your <ABC> inventory <X> percent on <Y> marketplace without it crashing the market on other marketplaces.

This is an advanced feature in our ticket broker software that must be activated by a member of the Ticket Utils team. To request that this feature be activated on your TU-POS account please contact the Support Team at Ticket Utils.

Full Mac Support
Ticket Utils has added full Mac compatibility to the TU-POS. We expect all TU-POS features to operate properly on a Mac computer running the latest version of Safari.

Merchant Processing added to Ticket Utils Point of Sale

We have integrated with Brain Tree Payments to add merchant processing capabilities to Ticket Utils Point of Sale. This new feature facilitates broker-to-broker and broker-to-consumer transactions and is seamlessly integrated with the ticket resale platform’s purchase order and invoice creation process.
Brain Tree Payments, which handles billions of dollars in mobile and online payments for many fast growing and leading merchants, is providing Ticket Utils with Vaulted Credit Card Storage through an API integration to insure PCI compliance.

Interested parties can sign up here.


Our contact us at 201-556-9090 or by email at Sales@TicketUtils.com

Mobile Version of Point of Sale

Saddle Brook, N.J., July 15, 2014 – Ticket Utils released an update to its cloud based point of sale inventory management system that brings true mobile functionality to the platform. Ticket resellers accessing Ticket Utils’ broker software on mobile devices will be redirected to a dedicated interface built specifically for mobile platforms.

Ticket Utils’ mobile access point of sale system was built to be the industry’s first platform that allows brokers to perform all common Point of Sale tasks on an easily navigable screen that has been optimized for smart phones and tablets.

Ticket Utils CEO Brian Hampel said the update is a result of market demand. Continue reading “Mobile Version of Point of Sale”

Ticket Utils CEO to Speak at World Ticket Conference

For Immediate Release:

Saddle Brook, N.J., June 30, 2014 – Ticket Utils CEO Brian Hampel will once again be part of a featured panel at the World Ticket Conference, which is being held this year at the Hard Rock Café Casino in Las Vegas from July 17-19. The National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) sponsors the conference, and Mr. Hampel and his panel will discuss “Tools of the Trade” Saturday July 19th beginning at 11:15am.

Hampel is a recognized authority on business process automation and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Last year he was asked to join established market leaders from StubHub, TicketMaster, Ticket City, Ticket Network on the Distribution & Exchange panel moderated by Tom Patania from SelectATicket.com Continue reading “Ticket Utils CEO to Speak at World Ticket Conference”

Ticket Utils at Ticket Summit

Ticket Utils at Ticket Summit

We are going to be an exhibitor and a sponsor at Ticket Summit this year. We plan to set aside time to Demo our Point of Sale and even to onboard new users; right on site at the conference. Our cloud based Point of Sale is already fully integrated with StubHub and eBay and we offer wide distribution to 20 marketplaces. Our 1ticket integration is already up and running to help lighten your workload and AutoHold is built in. Ticket Utils Point of Sale is ready for prime time right now and we want to show it to you in Vegas. Continue reading “Ticket Utils at Ticket Summit”